From Idea to App – Our Process

For over 10 years, we’ve helped awesome startups go from idea to prototype through to their big fanfare release and beyond. We love sweating the details – using the best available tools and techniques to build the highest quality user experiences possible – but we also know that time and often cost constraints can be major factors when building that dream app, so let us plan a sensible roadmap to take you through to first launch and onto the App Store on time and in budget.

You’ve got an app idea – everyone loves it. Where do we go from here?

1. Concept validation

We'll work with you to understand your concept and what you want the app to do. We'll make sure that the app is technically sound and meets the guidelines for sale in the App Store.

2. Wireframing

We'll build low fidelity mockups of your app, working out how every bit fits together. This helps us ensure the flow of the app is right, and is the first step towards a great experience for your users

3. Roadmap planning

We break down the project into smaller chunks, each with a real-world deliverable. This means you can get feedback on your ideas from your customers as soon as possible

4. Design

We take the low-fidelity mockups and use them to create stunning interfaces for your app

5. Development

We build your app using the latest technologies, sticking to the App Store guidelines to ensure a successful release

6. Release (and beyond)

We'll get your app onto the App Store and out into the world! Our post-release support means we proactively tackle any issues that might arise, and work with you to incorporate feedback into the next version


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