We are Applied Brilliance

Passionate about all things mobile. We take brilliant apps from idea to reality with a focus on the very best user experience.


Since we began in 2010, we’ve helped our agency, startup and enterprise partners launch dozens of apps across app store categories including: social, entertainment, medical, sports and event management, AR and retail.

Our services include native app development for iOS and Android, including API Integration and design, prototyping, and production, as well as consultancy around the app lifecycle and ecosystem, app store guidelines and deployment strategy. We also provide advice on API design and mobile UX.

Agencies 👨‍💻

We’re lucky to partner with some great digital agencies, providing our services where team experience or capacity constraints could otherwise mean a disappointed client.

Startups 🚀

We’ve helped awesome startups go from idea to prototype through to production. We know that time and often cost constraints can be major factors when building that dream app, so let us plan a sensible agile roadmap to take you through to MVP launch and onto the App Store on time and in budget.

Enterprise 👩‍💼

Not all apps are designed for public release. We’re well experienced building bespoke ‘enterprise’ apps designed for internal use within your organisation, and offering advice on deployment strategy and security.